Comfortable Retirement in Puerto Vallarta

With significant changes made to real estate property laws in 1973 and 1993, owning a piece of paradise in Mexico has become a reality for foreigners. Rather than scouring the Internet or brochures and having to make a reservation months in advance, you can now purchase a beautiful piece of real estate in Puerto Vallarta Mexico to come to whenever you want. And, as the market expands every day, the number of Americans living in Puerto Vallarta is rapidly increasing.

At first glance, you may think that moving abroad means sacrificing certain luxuries and comforts that your home country provides. However, those who seek retirement in Puerto Vallarta will find that Mexico offers all they could ever need, including excellent hospitals and medical care. Several clinics, pharmacies, and banks can be found within walking distance to the Banderas Bay community, including Quinta Del Mar. Although Puerto Vallarta is within driving distance to several major U.S. cities, buses, taxis, and car companies service the Bay area with transportation to and from the airport.

Americans Living in Puerto Vallarta

Although the native language is Spanish, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that many people also speak English. The friendly residents of Mexico are eager to help you learn to communicate with the locals and discover their rich, diverse culture. Retirement in Puerto Vallarta is a prime choice for those seeking sun and fun in this beautiful climate. Known as one of the great sport fishing locations, you will delight in spending the day on the ocean catching huge marlin, grouper, and mahi mahi to grill under the evening sky in your beach front vacation home.

Mexico is also ripe with history from the ancient Aztec and Mayan tribes, who made several educational contributions to the modern world. Surrounded by vast jungles and the Sierra Madre mountain range, Americans living in Puerto Vallarta can experience adventure in a tropical rainforest. Hundreds of different species of birds and animals dot the landscape, making wildlife watching a spectacular must-see event. With so many things to do, there's something for everyone here!